Building Your Own Wooden Loft Bed

Having a wooden loft bed is great for dorms, and also in your child’s room. The wooden loft bed is a real space saver for small rooms and is also fun for the children. The empty space below the wooden loft bed is great for a closet, or a desk, or can serve as an extra storage area, but if needed it can also be converted into an additional bed.
To build the wooden loft bed all you need is some plywood and lumber boards, and a couple bolts and screws. An electric drill and screwdriver are also needed.

Before considering a wooden loft bed, check to see if you have enough ceiling space in the room. Avoid using screws for the frame, and make sure you measure your mattress before building the frame. Fix the ladder securely.

To begin, cut a piece of wood that is 4X8X3/4″, 4 lumber posts that are 4X4X8′ in length, 3 lumber boards that are 2X6X8′, and finally a 3.5″X8′ board. If your mattress is 38X76″, cut 2, 2X6s that are 78″ long and 2 pieces that are 37″ from the left over 2X6X8′.

Once all the wood is cut up we can proceed to constructing the posts for the wooden loft bed. These posts will be at the corner of the bed and form the 40X47″ box shape with a height of 5 ½”. Attach the 2X6X8s to each other with 3″ screws at the corners. Cut the plywood to fit the 2X6X8″ box for the wooden loft bed. Make sure the post lengths are equal.

Place 2 posts with the outer edges lined up with 78″ between them. Drill with 4″ and 3/8″ bolts the posts to the platform. Do the same with the remaining 4X4X8′ posts to complete your wooden loft bed. Now all that is left is figuring out a way to get up to the bed of your wooden loft bed!

When constructing the ladder, place the 1″ lumbers 10″ apart, and at an angle of 60 degrees. Attach the lumbers to your wooden loft bed with the bolts at either the side or the front. To smoothen the surface, use sandpaper to sand the surfaces. If you want a step further, you can paint your wooden loft bed a color to match the décor of the room.

Now that the wooden loft bed is complete, you will see that you have saved a lot of space that was once lost. Your child will be really excited to see their new room with the wooden loft bed!