Best 5 L Shaped Beds you would like to sleep on

We reviewed the Best L Shaped Beds 2020 on the market

When you start having kids you will discover that one of the scarcest resources in the home is space – space for their toys, space for their wears, space for them to play, and then, sleeping space. That was when I discover the magic of L shaped beds.

Living with 2 kids and planning to have more, you can bet I regularly face the problem of lack of space too.

Whether it’s sleeping or playing space one thing I often do is to constantly look for ways to utilize the existing space to accommodate my needs.

And that is what I did recently when I was faced with a space problem recently. We have just relocated to a smaller home and I needed the kids to share a single room first as a bedroom, and as a playroom when they come back from school. This was a temporary measure as renovation was ongoing in the new house.

I came to love the innovations so much that when the renovation of the home was completed I kept the beds. They have so many advantages for me when it comes to utilizing existing space in the home.

If you’re someone who already knows about L shape beds but have been wondering if you should buy, this post is for you. For families, that have more than one kid and have been facing space issues in the bedroom too, you will also benefit from this article. Finally, for those who don’t know what an L-shape bed is, you will find this post beneficial.


Product Name




Discovery World  L Shaped Bed



Deco 79 Mission Twin over Full Bed with trundle



Chelsea Home L-Shaped Bed



Zinus Twin over Twin L shaped bed



Your Zone Twin Wood Loft Style Bunk Bed




Discovery World  L Shaped Bed

discovery world furniture l shaped bunk bed
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Made of Radiata pine, a special kind of solid pine wood, the Kaitlyn L Shaped Bed is one of the best budget beds on this list. And its not just cheap for an L-shaped bed, it is a very strong bed that will last generations. Even in the face of extreme moisture, the solid wood material of the bed will not fail.

My take away is the twin-over-full bed design. This makes it viable not only for the kids’ room but the guest room as well. With the Kaitlyn L-Shaped Bed you won’t worry about storage space, the very spacious European roller glide drawers would make sure of that. It also has four shelves, including 2 adjustable.


  • Primary material is Radiata pine, an extremely strong hard wood
  • Storage space with 6 drawers and 4 shelves
  • Bottom full bed can be separated
  • Drawer unit and ladder can be installed on either side of the bed


  • Metal slats
  • Noticeable imperfections in the wood. This is common to most pine-based furniture though it doesn’t affect their strength.


Deco 79 Mission Twin over Full Bed with trundle

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I have said it over and over again, L shaped beds, bunk beds and loft beds are unique ways of making judicious use of space in the home. Nothing buttresses this point like the Deco 79 Twin over Full Bed. With 6 European Roller Guide drawers, you don’t have to worry about storage space for wears, toys and all those things kids love to keep.

The maker, Deco 79, has really given thoughts to this to meet the needs of families with children.

On top is a twin size bed while the bottom is a full-size bed on casters. The bottom bed can be completely detached from the unit. The reason I didn’t eventually buy this bed is, ironically, because of space. We don’t want something that one of the beds come out since this will reduce the severely limited space we are trying to expand which is the reason we are even considering L-shape beds and bunks.

But overall, this is a very good bed. It is sturdy, something you should consider when you’re buying beds for kids.

What I love about this bed:

  • It’s made of solid wood, perfect for children. It can hold the weight of an adult conveniently.
  • I love the merlot color. You will also find the honey color beautiful.
  • You can roll out the lower bed to make the top twin bed.

Things to note:

  • Get ready to spend a couple of hours assembling this.


Chelsea Home L-Shaped Bed

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Another L-shape bed I consider when researching was the Chelsea Home L-shaped Bed. I fell in love with this at the first sight. You want to know the reason? Storage space. I don’t know about you but I have never met a mom that doesn’t appreciate extra storage space.

Chelsea Home L-shaped Bed comes with a lot of drawers. It is safe for younger kids since the guard rails are high enough to keep them in. It would cater to 3 sleepers conveniently with the bottom futon.

What I love:

  • The futon features make it useful for sitting
  • Seeing for the first time, the lean look might deceive you to think it’s not strong but I tell you this is one of the sturdiest beds on this list.
  • It’s very easy to assemble


  • It would be better if it comes in different colors


Zinus Twin over Twin L shaped bed

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For safety reasons, I don’t recommend metal beds for children below 12. But if you are looking for an metal L-shaped bed for your teenage kids, then the Zinus Twin over Twin L shaped bed is the way to go. Your kids will love its stylish and fun design. It comes with an attached desk. You can remove the bottom bed and place a chair next to the desk to turn the lower part to a workstation.


  • Very easy to set up
  • Bottom bed can be used as a stand-alone unit
  • Sturdy


  • No storage space


Your Zone Twin Wood Loft Style Bunk Bed
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When we talk about L-shaped loft bunk beds, the Your Zone Collections is one of the most versatile in this category. If you’re looking for something to bring a touch of class to your bedroom, then you can’t overlook this collection of beds and other home furniture. It has products to fill all kinds of needs and rooms.

One of the foremost products from this collection is the Your Zone Twin Wood Loft Style Bunk Bed. The Your Zone Twin Wood Loft Style Bunk Bed is manufactured with two things in mind – your maximum comfort and bedroom space utilization.


  • All hardware in it is labeled
  • Easy to put together
  • Excellent quality and very sturdy
  • You won’t to hear any squeaking or creaking or noises


  • There are so many pieces & you definitely have to have an extra couple hands to get some of these pieces together correctly, easily & square

Types of L Shaped Beds

As you may have seen from the name, L-shape beds are beds designed for the corners of the room. They come in different sizes, heights and designs. There are double l-shape beds meant for 2 users. There are bunk l shape beds and there are loft l shape beds.

You can form a simple L-shape bed by placing 2 beds of the same length and size perpendicularly in a corner of a room. The advantage of this improvised L shape bed is it can easily be used separately when the need arises. Unlike factory fitted l-shape beds that are joined with nails or with bolt and nuts.

The improvised L-shape bed is good for those times when you have other kids sleeping over in your place or on occasion when you have high number of guests staying with you.


The most common l shaped beds you will see in stores are wooden. I’m not so sure about this but I think when it comes to beds people generally prefer wood. Wooden L shaped beds are made of hardwood materials like maple, pine, cherry and oak. One thing I like about wooden L shaped beds is that they are very easy to repair. You can also work on your bed to add an accessory or to remove the one you don’t like. For example, you may decide to separate an amazon bunk bed into standalone units. This is very easy to do with wooden L–shaped beds.

There are also metal L-shape beds. Though not common as wooden beds they are less expensive, maybe because the material is readily available.

The only reason I’m comfortable with wooden L-shape beds than metal one is because of safety concerns for my kids. I have 2 energetic boys. If they got stuck in a wooden rail it’s something I can attend to myself, unlike if it’s a metal bed.

When buying an L-Shaped Bed

An L-shaped bed is certainly not a piece of furniture you buy and discover it doesn’t fit your home. There are certain things you should put into consideration before ordering for that lovely bed you saw online.


L shaped beds come in various sizes and designs, so you must get your measurements right when ordering for one. Are you going to put the bed in a standard or a smaller room? Are you buying it for the kids or planning it for the Guest Room. You should also take note of the size of the bed. Do you need a twin or double bed?

Taking into consideration the measurements will save you a lot of stress later on. Some L shaped beds are too tall for even standard-size rooms.

The reason for buying an L-shape bed for most people in the first place is to conserve space. You will want to make sure the one you are buying will not take more space than necessary. Many L-shape beds come with a lot of features: bookshelves, drawers, ladders, staircase, etc. You will want to put these into consideration also.

From the manufacturer’s website, try to get the height of the bed after set up. Some L-shape beds are too high for standard rooms. The kid sleeping on top will find it difficult getting in and out of the bed.

In a nutshell, before you buy any L shaped beds, you will want to know the length, width and height of the room you are going to place the bed, and also the dimensions of the L-shape bed after setting it up.

This is, for me, one of the most important considerations when buying an L-shaped bed. That is why I’m putting it first on this list.


Normally, when you’re ordering an L-shape bed from a local store near your residence, then you might want to pay the extra charges for someone that will set it up for you. I always advise this since setting up an L-shape bed can be a daunting task especially if it comes with other accessories.

If you prefer to do things like this yourself or if you are ordering from an online store then you may want to make sure it comes with valid instructions. Read the reviews and see what people are saying about setting up that particular unit and whether it comes with an installation manual.

Safety Tips for L Shaped Beds

For L shaped beds, people generally adopt the same safety measures observe in the usage of all forms of bed whether it’s bunk or loft beds.

If it’s an L-shaped bunk or loft bed for kids, then high-enough rails must be provided to keep in children since children often roll around while sleeping. For a bunk L shaped bed, the top bed must be occupied by a child who is at least above six years. Children at that age are able to control themselves, to a certain degree, while sleeping. Younger kids should always occupy the bottom bed. When they fall it won’t be as bad as falling down from over 4 feet.

You should also check the sturdiness of the ladder leading to the upper bunk. Try and climb the first 2 steps. You will notice if it will hold well or not. Many L-shaped Bunk Beds now come with wooden staircase instead of a ladder. These are usually sturdier than ladders and they also serve other purposes as well. Drawers or shelves are often incorporated into the wooden staircase.

Also, note that the upper bed should not be too high up where the hands of an adult cannot reach.

Still on L-shaped bunk beds, there should be considerable space between the upper bunk and the ceiling. Children will often want to sit or stand on their beds. Make sure the bed is not directly under a ceiling fan or light fitting.

Single l shaped beds with corner units:

The space provided by the corner unit should only be used to store stuff that should be accessible to kids, like bedtime story books and light toys. If the corner unit hs shelves, children must not be allowed to climb it. Generally, kids should be discouraged from turning their beds to playing area. If, because of limited room space, the bedrooms also serve as the playroom, then they should be encouraged to use the extra floor space provided by the beds for playing and the beds for sleeping only.


Check the material of the L-shaped bed, if it’s painted wood, then you will want to make sure the paint is not toxic. Efforts are being put in place in so many countries of the world to prohibit certain kind of paints for use in the manufacturing of household furniture and children toys.


Instructions from the manufacturer on how to assemble an L-shape bed must be strictly followed. Cutting corners or trying to do an incomplete assembling job may turn to a safety hazard for the user.

The Pros and Cons of L Shaped Beds

I can’t imagine having 4 kids who share a single bedroom with each kid having his own separate beds. You can envision how cramped up the room will look. Now think of an L-shaped Bunk Bed with 2 twin beds on top and 2 twins or a full bed on the lower bunk and think of the amount of space you would have saved with the l-shaped bed.

That’s one thing an L-shaped bed does: it saves space. It turns a somewhat rowdy room to an organized room with plenty of space for other things. And not only that, it gives the occupants a higher level of privacy.

For everyone:

There is usually a misconception about L shaped beds that they are meant for kids. If you’re someone who receives visitors regularly through the year or at a certain time of the year, then you might want to look into the space-saving feature of an L-shaped bed, especially if you are limited by the number of rooms to host your guests. Like I said above, L shaped beds come in different sizes and shapes. There are L-shaped full-size bunk beds that can accommodate a family of four conveniently.

Special Features:

L shaped beds come with a lot of features to make them a worthwhile purchase. Some come with corner units to display decorative items or as storage space. Some L shaped Loft Beds come with study chairs and table that can hold your PC or laptop, bookshelves and drawers to keep books and valuables, wardrobes, trundle beds for extra sleeping space.

L-Shaped Bed Accessories

When it comes to accessories for an L-shaped bed, manufacturers are extremely innovative. I have seen l-shaped beds with the following:


Who should consider using L Shaped Beds?

If you have a high number of people living in your household with a limited number of rooms, then you should consider using L Shaped Beds to make most out of your existing room space. For example, an L-shaped amazon bunk bed can accommodate up to 4 sleepers. This can be taken further by making use of another corner to accommodate another bed for additional users.

Instead of having their bedrooms in different rooms, you can house two to three sets of twins in a single room with L shaped beds.

There are some families who regularly have guests or other families on visitation. Such families should consider using a corner bed. Even couples with one kid can consider using an L-shaped bed if their child usually has friends sleeping over.

Where to buy L shaped Beds?

If I would be buying another L shaped bunk bed anytime soon, the first thing I’ll do is to visit my local furniture store. This gives me more advantages than if I was searching for them online. I can see how it will look in the bedroom, see the number of accessories that it will come with and decide immediately if it’s something I’ll be buying. The only ‘but’ is, local stores may not offer enough choices.

I came across a lot of options online while searching for L shaped beds for my kids.

One of the websites that have huge collection of l shaped beds is Amazon. They have some amazing offers for shoppers. First, you enjoy free shipping with Amazon Prime. There is also a paid protection plan that starts immediately your bed is delivered. It covers accidental damage like dents, rips, punctures, tears and a host of other unintentional damages.